I am anon

These are basically my day to day life and some will be poems and some not but there will always be something new (:

the long and winding road has lead me back


Hey there to all the people who are still following. I know it has been a while and a lot has gone on. A year has passed and so many things have changed my hair, my style, my outlook on life, everything! I’m so sorry i never kept my promise READ MORE...

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long time no type!!!


hey world!! you probably thought i fell off the planet!! Nope ive just been super busy and i didn’t keep on my word. Im sorry. A lot of things have been going on that i must talk about. BUT first off i want to say thank you all for your READ MORE...

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the unexpected ..excepted


then greatings far away travilers! and I welcome you to my post!…ok i got over my urge to do that but now its time to get to the dirty work… EXplaining myself once again. All i have to say is im sorry!!!! i didn’t realize that i didn’t post anything READ MORE...

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how do you describe life?…you dont


im sory world i have let you down. Having dealing with a significant other, school, my sisters birthday and wondering what to get her, and time my balence in life has been sucking terrably. Because time seems to slip out of my hands latly and honestly thats never fun. But READ MORE...

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your the reason i feel happy


hello world and what a fine day it is today…. just kidding. But today was pretty fine. Actually It was way more than that. You remember me telling you that me and my ex were “working things out” (or that at least was my excuse) we met up today for READ MORE...

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another day another hour


well having this for at least a day was a total sucess because well..im back. i havent forgotten about things and i just found out a bunch of things to write about so if i ramble please holler. I will just come cleen. I am a huge reck, a messup READ MORE...

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day one and feeling numb??


well this is probibly a weird way to start a new everyday blog. I feel so strange just coming on and hitting the add new button(and from now on everyday). But anyway thats not the point. I guess i can just start this whole thing by saying hey. so hey! READ MORE...

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A new anon


Hello world, I have disappeared for quite a couple of years and tOtally forgot about this place. I received some comments (most of them commercials) but it’s still nice to see someone was paying attention in my time of need. As I look back at many of these memories it’s READ MORE...

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the alone one


sealing the ovnvelope of my heart for it sails away nothing can escape this sadness creaping up like a spider i try to hush it away to brush it away but it bites me with it’s venoumous fangs i die slowly hoping that the pain wont last but it always READ MORE...

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a missed blessing


i am in a pool of sorrow for she is gone i stand in the water like nothing is wrong i dream of her daily and i miss her good nights her hello’s were always warm and her smile was always bright i shed a tear for her time and READ MORE...

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